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So is it the promethazine codine combo that fucks you up or would you get the.Update Cancel. Re-Ask. Follow 2. 1 Answer. Anonymous. 2 upvotes by Quora User and.

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Life of Lean: Purple Drank Goes Mainstream. At these levels codeine acts as a respiratory depressant while promethazine blocks the effectiveness of the regularly.

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How do i make lean, purple drank, or sizzurp with. syrup and 25mg promethazine pills.

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SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would. 2-4 Oz of Promethazine-codeine syrup Sprite Jolly Rancher Crushed Ice Styrofoam cup Minor.These ingredients combined make a purple liquid that is then sipped until euphoria.

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Purple Lean Drink, Purple Drinks, Codene Jolly, Codeine Jolly.

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The following are instructions on how to make that purple drank aka, lean, drank, purple, sizzurp, etc.

Lean is PROMETHAZINE with CODEINE SYRUP which has to be prescribed via your doctor.Purple Drank include Purple Oil. containing promethazine and codeine - in songs and drank the.

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